About Greg Branch

In his 40-plus-year career, Greg Branch has been a journalist, public relations practitioner and award-winning advertising writer, designer and creative director. He served as a Saginaw City Council member for eight years, including two terms as mayor. Those are non-partisan positions; Greg has never been a member of either political party and never will be.

He and his wife Ann have three children and are restoring a historic Saginaw home.

About the Site

Opinions expressed here are mine. And while I try to make sure they are relatively well informed, I am not paid to be an investigative reporter.

Comments on this blog are moderated. I take a fairly liberal approach to comments, but will not post those that are wildly inaccurate, overly inflammatory or insulting. If you can’t discuss something like a reasonable adult, you’re not allowed in the discussion.

I’m also not going to approve comments that are just way too long: if you’ve got that much to say, start your own blog.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Greg, can you give me a cite to corroborate this statement: “The very next day Detroit’s water and sewer board notified Flint that it was exercising its right to terminate Flint’s 50-year-old contract in one year.” I don’t dispute that, but I’m getting brickbats thrown at me right now over my re-publication (with attribution to you) of your thoughtful piece on this matter.

  2. Putting politics aside, Flint citizens are being exposed to more than just lead. If the water is used for bathing, the individual is exposed to carcinogens created by the reaction if the acid with organic compounds in the water that is drawn from the Floor River. These compounds can enter the body through inhalation of water vapor and absorbed through skin. This corelation has been documented in articles published by the NIH of similar occurrences, for example in the Chesapeake Bay. They found that after showering the level of these carcinogens increased four times the initial level prior to showering. I wish someone would focus on this also.

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